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Reasons to Consider Career Counseling

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Things to Consider:

Consider the following statements and see if any of them ring a bell. If so, career counseling is something you should consider:

  • I dread work. I feel trapped in my current job, and I’m just going through the motions.
  • If I only knew how to network more, I would really be able to get ahead at work.
  • I experience health problems such as anxiety attacks, stomach ulcers, insomnia, or other health problems due to the stress I deal with at work.
  • I have been trying for months to get a job, but once they meet with me in person, I can never get to the next step in the interview process.
  • I suspect that I am having problems finding a job due to my age.
  • I have so much experience that nobody will interview me because they believe I am overqualified.
  • I have applied for hundreds of jobs, and I always receive a rejection letter before they’ve ever even spoken with me.
  • I just received a pay cut, my company cut back on my paid-time-off, or I am now having to pay for my own benefits. This is unacceptable. What can I do?
  • I am retiring from the military soon and need help finding a career in the Commercial world. The problem is that everyone says none of my skills are transferable.
  • I would like to ask for a raise. I am a female, and from what I hear from my coworkers, I am being paid much less than my male counterparts who have less experience than me. How can I get a more equitable pay?
  • I am in sales, and the company I work for changes the commission plan constantly causing me to just miss my quota goals each month. What can I do?
  • I get so stressed out during interviews that I freeze up and bomb them every time (this can go the other way if you talk too much during interviews)!
  • I sometimes feel stressed, unhappy, unsatisfied or unappreciated at my job.
  • I don’t feel intellectually stimulated, and I’m not using my abilities and talents.
  • I’m not having fun at work anymore.
  • I feel that I’m a different person at work than in my personal life.
  • My company’s values and/ or my manager’s values are not aligned with my own core values.
  • I have a strong yearning or calling toward a new career path. How do I make the change?.
  • I have a strong desire to start my own business, and need help figuring out what to do, where to start, and I have no idea how much money it might cost to start up. How do I get my dream off the ground?
  • I need help creating passive income that will help me create a bigger nest egg and allow me to have a monthly income when I retire.
  • When I am on vaction, I absolutely dread having to do back to work.

Do any of the above statements resonate with you?

Whether you are a recent college grad, are going through a career change, trying to adapt to a new leadership role, looking for that dream job, or simply looking for more balance between personal life and your career, our coaching services can be tailored to your needs.

What will a career coach do?

  • We will look at how your work affects your personal life and collaborate with you to help you figureout where you want to be long-term and how to reach those goals.
  • A career counselor will never take the reins from you but rather will point the way. This is an interactive process.
  • A career counselor eases transitions by handing over tools, resources and strategies you can use for optimal living.
  • Career counseling consultations are meant to open up avenues for already driven and ambitious people to reach the peak of their potential.

 Are you ready to love what you do? Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Now is a good time for you to take action and create the results you want. Schedule a personal career strategy session, so we can discuss how career planning can open up new possibilities for you.

Email us at to setup an appointment to meet with one of our career coaches and to get more information on pricing.

Or, if you are ready to get started with one of our career coaches right now, please select which coaching session you’d like to schedule with us below.

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We can spend the time discussing specific steps you can take to make changes in your career, talk about an interview you need help preparing for, about how to start up a new business, on whatever you need professioinal career guidance. Please select the type of session you need below. These are all ‘one-time only’ sessions. If you want to schedule other sessions, you will need to come back here to schedule a follow-up.

Career Counseling Packages:

$50 – 30 Minute Quick Chat

A 30-Minute career counseling session to address your single most pressing career question.

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$100 – 60 Minute Strategy Session

A 60-minute session is the ideal amount of time for really digging into a solution. We will take a broader look, dig deep, and come up with a detailed list of to-do items.

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$50 – 30 Minute Passive Income / Online Business / Blogging Consultation

A 30-minute session to discuss some of the ways you can create passive income for yourself so that you can provide a safety net for you and your family in case you lose your job or are looking to retire soon.

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$100 – 60 Minute ‘How to Start a Business’ Session

Led by Tonya Wells, President/CEO of Ally Resource Group, this is a 60-minute discussion around specific steps that need to be taken if you are serious about starting your own business, and taking your career into your own hands for good. Having started four successful businesses already, learn from what worked and didn’t for her, and what she wished she would’ve known before starting her ventures.

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