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Executive Searches – Retained Searches – Nationwide – Oil & Gas Engineers – Executive Searches – Sales Executives – IT – Accounting – HR

Our approach and methodology will be tailored to meet your needs and generally will fall into one of these basic executive search strategies:


Types of Searches - Retained Search | Executive SearchReserved for executive search placements requiring the utmost urgency and confidentiality. Our focus and commitment is 100% and full-time until the position is filled. Our fee is determined ahead of time and generally paid in two monthly installments.


Modified Retainer:

Types of Searches - Modified Retained Search This performance-based strategy also creates a partnership with a shared risk. Our fee is paid in three installments or on a monthly retainer until paid in full. When paid in installments, the first payment is due when we commence the search, the second payment is due 30 days later, and the final payment is due after the hire has been made.

In every case, your contact with Ally Resource Group will be with a decision maker and recruiter with heavy experience in the industry and skill set you require for your executive search. And, you have our commitment to be involved in all facets of the recruitment process. This includes all reference, background and related information checks, as well as the negotiation of agreeable compensation in order to ensure closure on the best candidate.

Our Approach

When we conduct an executive search assignment, it consists of a series of steps as set forth below:

  • We work with you and other members of your staff, deemed important to the recruitment process, in order to capture information on the position in conjunction with its requirements, the company’s differentiated offerings, and the benefits of the particular position, and we identify potential target source environments.
  • Next, a draft position profile is developed and submitted to you for additions or modifications.
  • In concert with our research efforts, we prepare an extensive list of related professionals and analyze them individually to determine compatibility with the position and level of interest.
  • We initiate contact with a number of select and related professionals. Our contacts with decision makers and candidates extend across the nation in a variety of industries. We utilize a research system that allows us to penetrate Boards of Directors and organizational charts of many key target organizations enabling us to identify major performers whose expertise matches the position profile.
  • A list of candidates for your review is generated from our proactive procedures and marketing results.
  • Targeted candidates are personally interviewed. The most qualified are submitted to you for your review. These submissions will include a personal background summary of each candidate that best satisfies your needs for the position.
  • Reference checks are conducted for the most qualified candidates.
  • Interviews are scheduled for candidate finalists at your designated location.
  • Salary negotiations are conducted and a final offer is made to the selected candidate. Back-up candidates are secured in the event the primary candidate declines.

Best Practices When Working With a Search Firm

The most successful search assignments are those in which we work very closely with you as a partner and trusted advisor. The following are some of the contributions your company can make to ensure the success of the recruitment process.

  • Complete commitment to the partnership of our firms. Our most successful client relationships are those with clients who work with us exclusively as their trusted hiring advisor. This allows us to become so familiar with their business that we can anticipate their needs and requirements, which in turn reduces the time of the hiring cycle.
  • Advise us of those areas relevant to the search that must be kept confidential.
  • Provide timely feedback.
  • Respond quickly to us concerning your interest level in the candidates presented.
  • Schedule candidate interviews promptly and report your evaluations to us as soon as possible. Good candidates do not stay on the market for very long.
  • Supply us with names of candidates you may have identified from other sources. This will allow us to evaluate them as part of the search and focus our efforts elsewhere.

Email us at tonya.wells@allyresourcegroup.com to setup a meeting with us today!

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