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For a limited time, we are offering Personal Resume Critiques and Personal Resume Makeovers.


Resume Critiques:

Each resume critique is performed by one of our recruiters who has worked with the Nation's top Executive Search firms. They will apply their years of training and professional experience to produce a 3 page detailed report which will include the following items:


- Exactly what changes we suggest for your resume

- How to improve your response rate

- Specific formatting changes that should be made

- Items to omit totally from your resume

- Proper length of resume for you based on your level of experience

- Items you can add to "better sell yourself"

- and more!


We know that the market is very competitive, and we want to help as many people be successful in their job search as possible. Don't let your resume be what is holding you back!



$50 - Resume Critique with a 3 Page Detailed Report

Limited Time Offer - Receive $25 off your Resume Critique service.

Use Discount Code "25off" on the Order Page

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Resume Makeovers:

Our Resume Critique service will show you what needs to be improved on your resume, while our Resume Makeover service will make the changes for you.


Resume Makeovers vary in price based upon:

- Degree of work needed on your resume and

- Number of pages


We can write your resume from scratch for you or tweak what you have already. Either way, you will receive a resume questionnaire via email that you will be required to complete prior to commencing our services which will assist us with ensuring you have not omitted anything important from your resume.


How it Works:

1) You will receive a questionnaire electronically once you have submitted your questionnaire. Please fill this out, and send it back to us.

2) We will have a quick call to review your responses and for us to better understand your needs.

3) Next, we will create a format, layout, and design that suits your personality, industry, and experience level, ensuring that your new resume highlights your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses as they relate to the job to which your resume is targeted.

4) Within three business days of our call, I will send you the first draft, and we'll schedule a call to chat about it. Even the best resume writer won't choose the same words you would choose, so there will always be changes for accuracy, terminology or clarity, and this phone call is so we can work together to refiine it. I'll then make the final revisions within one business day and will email the revised version to you for final proofing and changes.

5) We will make the final edits, and return the document to you as an MS Word document. We will also send you a text version with the formatting changed so that it works best for job boards and corporate online systems.


Make sense? Okay, let's get started!



$150 - New 2-3 Page Resume

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$100 - Existing Resume - 2 Pages

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$125 - Existing Resume - 3 Pages

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$150 - Existing Resume - 4 Pages (this length typically only seen with Executives)

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$175 - Existing Resume - 5 Pages (this length typically only seen with Executives)

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**Note: There are times when a resume needs so much re-work that it is less expensive for the job seeker to abandon their existing resume and start over. This is rare, but if this is the case, please do not take the recommendation personally. Our ultimate goal is to polish your resume to help you get your dream job without the process being overly burdensome financially.


In every case, your contact with Ally Resource Group will be with an experienced recruiter with years of experience reviewing and reworking resumes, many times rebuilding them entirely from scratch.