Recruitment and Selection

How Our Recruitment and Selection Process Works

How Our Recruitment and Selection Process Works

 How Our Recruitment and Selection Process Works

We have a 99.9% placement ratio with all of our customers, and most of them said “No more resumes. We’ve found THE ONE!” after reviewing less than 10 resumes from us. If you need more, we will find them. But, you will not need to receive hoardes of resumes from us. Our resumes are tightly researched, screened (we review 100’s, sometimes 1,000’s of resumes prior to submittals), and qualified before our customer ever receive them.

Finding the right candidate is never easy. Personalities, skill sets, past experience, location of the job, and salary requirements must all be considered. This is a time-consuming and costly process for employers. We can reduce not only your time to acquisition but your cost of acquisition as well.

We work with our clients as their Exclusive Retained Search Consultant to match highly qualified candidates to their open position. Your position receives 100% of our focus until it is filled. We know time and money are critical to you. That is why we only take on a limited number of searches at any given time, so we can give your open position our exclusive attention.

Here Is How the Process Works:

Candidate Research

We use referrals, networking, and good ol’ fashioned recruiting to generate our leads. While we will accept candidates whose resumes are on popular job boards, our focus is on the passive candidate.

Once we have thoroughly screened our first set of candidates, we will move on to the interview process. At this time in the recruitment and selection process, further candidates will continue to be screened as well.

The Interview

Interviews allow us to gain further insight into a candidate’s abilities and experience, while also understanding their professional goals and ambitions. It is this understanding that allows us to identify whether or not they are a good fit for your organization. In these interviews, we utilize situational and behavioral interview questions to gain further insite into our candidate’s fit for your open position.

These interviews may consist of a combination of phone screens, in-person interviews, and Skype interviews. If a candidate is unable to interview in person, we try our best to setup Skype interviews to further screen the candidate for personality fit and behavioral interviewing. This is not always possible in some parts of the country, and it also depends upon whether or not the candidate can gain access to a webcam and laptop with bandwidth capable of conducting a Skype interview.

Conducting Reference Checks

We ask all candidates to provide us with at least three references, and at least two of these must be former supervisors. This is a standard procedure that we perform for all searches.


We submit our first set of candidates along with candidate profiles for each. This first list has usually been narrowed down to our top candidates, and if changes need to be made to our search, we will adjust our search from there.

Sometimes customer positions contain not one job description, but the description of multiple jobs. This is very common when people have left the company and assumed other employees’ responsibilities. These positions are more difficult to fill since most people do not have experience holding this exact same set of multiple job titles. If this is the case, we will work with you to prioritize the most important skill sets.

We are always honest with our clients. If your position cannot be filled because the job truly needs to be broken out into two or more positions, we will be upfront with you. While we do specialize in hard-to-fill positions, some positions simply have unrealistic expectations, and our Associates will work hard with you from the start to set realistic ones, including expectations around typical salary requirements within your area.

Background Checks and Credit Reference Checks

This is a service that we provide to our clients free of charge once the client has committed to making an offer to a candidate.

Compensation Negotiations

Some compensation packages can become extremely complex when combined with various benefits, commission plans, and inventive bonuses. In addition to keeping you informed of industry averages and best practices for compensation packages for your particular type of opportunity, we will work with both you and your candidate to ensure that the recruitment and selection process goes as smoothly as possible, helping field questions and setting realistic expectations with your candidate.

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