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Why Work With an Executive Search Firm?


Executive Search | Executive Search Firms

Executive Search | Executive Search Firms

As a Nationwide executive search  firm, we specialize in multiple industries and disciplines. We work with prominent business executives to help them with important career moves as well as with upper level executives within companies who have critical executive positions to fill.

Most of our searches are conducted as retained searches. Retained executive search requires a strong commitment from both the hiring company and the executive search firm to be successful. With this commitment, both the hiring company as well as the search firm send a clear message that this opportunity is highly valued within the company and that they are serious about getting the position filled.

Reasons to Consider Retained Search Instead of Contingency Search

Retained search firms are especially important for companies to consider if:

  • The need to fill the position is urgent;
  • The time to fill the position is short or has been dragging out due to unsuccessful relationships with contingency staffing firms;
  • The position requires a complex set of skill sets and experience;
  • The hiring of the individual will have a significant impact on the company performance or direction of the company’s strategy; and if
  • New opportunities frequently arise within the company that must be fill quickly thus making a partnership with an existing search firm critical to reduce response time; and
  • Confidentiality in filling the position is critical.

A good retained search firm will also follow best practices and procedures as outlined by the American Executive Search Association which protects both the client as well as candidates’ time and confidentiality; presenting only REAL and RELEVANT positions to candidates and only REAL and RELEVANT candidates to their clients.  We understand and follow these best practices and as a result, our clients treat us as their TRUSTED ADVISOR.

The Importance of Knowing What Associate Will Be Dedicated to Your Position

One of the most critical factors in a successful retained search engagement is knowing what Associate will be working with you from the start, and making sure that this is the same Associate who will see this opportunity through to successful completion. Regardless of how large or small a retained search firm is, the Associate to whom you are assigned is the most important factor in whether or not your position will be filled or not.

Our Associates will make sure they understand your company, its strategies and growth plan, the full story of the opportunity, and the qualifications and experience you need your candidate to possess. They will in turn work with you from start to finish to research and screen candidates, perform interviews and reference checks, present candidates to you, schedule interviews and travel plans, negotiate offers and salaries, and conduct any necessary background, drug screens, or credit checks.

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